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Bill Benzon, thinker, writer, musician, artist, photographer

  1. Butler, who is blind, needed to trust someone
  2. How A Man Blinded In A Shooting Took Up Running And Found Love
  3. Blind Love Was Shooting scored for Four-part Mixed Chorus
  4. Love Goes Blind Songtext
  5. This Blind Marathon Runner Fell In Love With The Woman Who Helped Train Him

There is just no telling until she comes out. I thought I'd fallen asleep in the back seat of the car. Do you see anything?

Butler, who is blind, needed to trust someone

I don't see anything. Why don't I see anything? O'Brien recalled what he told her: "She wasn't ever going to see again.

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Or smell. And that she didn't have a nose.

She didn't have eyes. That they were gone.


How A Man Blinded In A Shooting Took Up Running And Found Love

But you are beautiful. It would be a long road to recovery, as Steltz learned day by day how to live as a blind person. She learned to read Braille, to use a cane and she learned other life skills. I couldn't cook when I could see, at all … and now I cook every day. Intent on resuming her former life, Steltz went back to her old high school, attended the prom and even graduated with her class.

Blind Love Was Shooting scored for Four-part Mixed Chorus

Steltz also attended classes for the blind, where she met Geoffrey Dilger. By incredible coincidence, Dilger, now 27, also lost his sight when he was 16, in his case due to rare complications from an illness. Steltz and Dilger have not let their disabilities slow them down. They have traveled extensively, even taking whitewater rafting trips.

Seven years into their relationship, they did what most people would find daunting -- if not impossible -- for a blind couple.

A Hopeless Plea For Peace

They had a baby. So I grabbed it by the boots and I was ready to go. I just don't focus on my visual impairment. All rights reserved.

ABC News. At least 3 dead in Pittsburgh drug-overdose horror. North Korean mother and son defectors die of suspected starvation in Seoul. Travel firm Thomas Cook holds talks to avoid a collapse. Boris Johnson heads to UN, urging world to see beyond Brexit.

Florida woman jailed after video of her kicking and choking dog goes viral. Arab lawmakers in Israel endorse Gantz for prime minister. Bribery case raises focus on GOP rising star and fundraising. Warren highlights violence against transgender women of color. Together, they fell in love in an unlikely story. Rix says she had trained alone as a runner for a long time and was looking for someone else to run with.

She met Butler, who is blind, at Achilles International, an organization that pairs runners with others with physical challenges. Butler worked as a volunteer guide. The two started training together. Butler and Rix were attached by a tether as they ran, hours on end.

Love Goes Blind Songtext

And they talked, forming a tight bond. Butler added that running is "an intimate sport," where trust in your partner is important. So that's why there's so much giving and receiving between both parties," said Butler. While they're running, which is a release, they're also venting to you, their companion.

This Blind Marathon Runner Fell In Love With The Woman Who Helped Train Him

They've been dating for more than two years now, and there's no sign of stopping. For Rix, it was Butler's perspective on life that affected her. Given that Butler lost his sight in a shooting when he was 20, his positive outlook on life was particularly striking. Butler was shot in the head and leg; his friend, who also survived, was shot in the chest. Butler fell into a low point in his life after the accident -- he became homeless and entered a shelter for a while. He says his self-confidence was shattered.

I wasn't sure if I was ever going to be able to attract a woman or not," Butler says. Butler, a former basketball player, gained weight as well.