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Added value in regional climate modeling

  1. The Value Net Model
  2. Adding value
  3. Modelling for Added Value | Robert Macredie | Springer

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The Value Net Model

Abstract: Using computer simulations in examining, explaining and predicting social processes and relationships as well as measuring the possible impact of policies has become an important part of policy-making. This chapter presents a comparative analysis of simulation models utilised in the field of policy-making. Different models and modelling theories and approaches are examined and compared to each other with respect to their role in public decision-making processes.

Using the 4D capabilities of BIM, our project planners can sequence construction works on screen.

7. Value At Risk (VAR) Models

It also allows us to develop the shortest and safest approach to construction. Using data from a BIM model, we can manufacture various mechanical and electrical systems off-site at our Off-site Solutions facility.

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This reduces time spent working at height, the number of skilled operatives required and eliminates hot works. It also significantly reduces the time required to complete mechanical and electrical installations. The BIM model can also be used to spot clashes between various elements of a building or structure.

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Modelling speeds up the design process in a cost-efficient and safe way. It also helps to control the entire lifecycle of a plant.

Adding value

The aim of process optimisation is to improve the availability of a plant, the efficiency of investments, and the safety and energy-efficiency of operations. Another goal is to minimise environmental impact.

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  4. Repeated measures: There's added value in modelling over time.
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  6. The role of modelling and skilled modelling engineers is emphasised when competition is fierce — when it is necessary to be efficient while at the same time staying on schedule and on budget. A simulation model can save thousands of tons of material, megawatts of energy and millions of euros in costs and lost income. Using a simulation model, the safety of a new process can be improved by focusing on the physical and chemical properties of the process.

    Once it has been identified how a process behaves, there are no surprises and risks can be minimised.

    Modelling for Added Value | Robert Macredie | Springer

    It is also important to prepare a simulation model for a standard process, as it improves the workflow. There is no project or process that does not need changes at some point. The following example describes the complexity of unit operation models and the changes faced during the design process. Using a simulation model, above explained change can be calculated in no time. All the complete model needs is a little fine-tuning.